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   Public Educator- Alma Hickman

   Prevention 192

My name is Alma Hickman, and I live in the small town of Bisbee. I moved to Bisbee from Tucson when I was 13 years old and fell in love with the small-town life. I am married to a very loving man, who is a firefighter in Bisbee, and am blessed with four wonderful children. Michael 20, Sara 18, Denee 16, and Vanessa 15. My dream has always been to be an EMT/firefighter, but as a mom my priority has always been to put my children before my career. I decided in June of 2016 to finally pursue my career as an EMT/firefighter. I was offered a great opportunity to work at Palominas Fire District (PFD) as an intern. That was very helpful to me since I have never worked at a fire department, and my fire experience level was extremely low. I worked as an intern for about three months, and then got the opportunity to register for the Fire academy PFD was offering that same year. That was a great experience, and the instructors were amazing. I completed the academy, and am excited for the new challenges awaiting me in the fire service. I have a lot to be thankful for, and I’m grateful to have such a great opportunity to work doing what I love.

Contact Information:

Office: 520-803-9919



Medical Director- Doctor Kastre

Doctor T. Kastre- Palominas Fire District Medical Director 

Doctor Kastre joined the Palominas Fire District team in 2016 as our Medical Director over the Training Center. Doctor Kastre has served as an Emergency Physician since 1995. Doctor Kastre currently works in the Tucson area as an Emergency Room Physician and also serves as the Medical Director for the Pima County Sheriff's Office. Doctor Kastre is the Medical Director for the Palominas Fire District. Doctor Kastre oversees the Palominas Fire District EMS Training Center. Doctor Kastre is a vital member of our team and helps ensure that the Palominas Fire District is continuing to find new and efficient ways to better serve our community. 

Contact:   (520)803-9919



Administrative Assistant - Brittany Allen 

Brittany Allen- Administrative Assistant

Brittany joined the Palominas Fire District team in July of 2016. She moved to the area from Texas. Brittany is a wonderful addition to our team. You may contact her in the Admin Office at 520-803-9919 or email at