Palominas Fire District

"Rural, Responsive, & Proud"

Mark Matthews- Fire Chief

Chief Matthews is a dedicated husband, father of five, grandfather of seven and our newest addition ‘Hank’. He retired from the City of Albany Fire Department in 2014 after serving over 25 years with the City. During his tenure with the City, he contracted and worked for several smaller fire districts and departments. He has over 34 years in public safety starting as a medic with Ojai Ambulance and then Ventura County Fire Department, Chief Matthews has been a Paramedic for over 30 years, however only serves as an EMT in Arizona. He has also served with Ashland Fire Department, Lebanon Fire District, Scio fire District, Jefferson Fire District and Now with the Palominas Fire District. He has over 25 years experience as team member, leader or coordinators for TRT, SRT and Haz-Mat teams in the state of Oregon. In addition, he has been involved in the Wildland arena for over 34 years and has served on a Type I and II IMT team for several years prior to moving to Arizona.

Message from the Fire Chief:

It is my mission and goal to provide a safe, efficient, sustainable and professional service to our community, neighboring communities and public safety partners. I encourage our personnel to be creative, innovative and for them to think outside the box to safely and effectively protect and serve our communities, along with our internal and external customers. We challenge effective change and adjust to the current fiscal climate to be proactive and do our best to educate and provide community awareness and training. We are active in our schools, community and with our public safety partners. We encourage Teamwork, Professionalism, Integrity, Compassion, Accountability, Respect, Commitment, Diversity, Health and Safety.  We will not risk ourselves to save lives or property that are already lost; We will risk ourselves less, within a structural plan, to save property; We will risk ourselves more, within a structured plan, to safe life.

Contact Information:

Office: 520-803-9919