Palominas Fire District

"Rural, Responsive, & Proud"

Meet Our Team


We would like to introduce the Palominas Fire District personnel that are responsible for delivering excellent service to our community.


Chief 19: Chief Mark Matthews

Prevention 192: Firefighter Alma Hickman

Maintenance Firefighter Anthony Leon


A Shift:

Station 193:

(AIC)Captain- Pete Chavez (

Firefighter/Paramedic Texas Blackwell

EMT- Steve Lepore Jr PYQ

Station 191:

Engineer/EMT Salvador Unale

Firefighter- Jonathan Sturm PYQ

Apprentice Luis Westover

B Shift:

Station 193:

Captain/Paramedic Steve Lepore (

Firefighter/EMT Austin Nash

EMT Gracie Martin PYQ

Station 191:

Firefighter/Paramedic Carlos Cota

Firefighter Justin McFarland PYQ

Firefighter/EMT Joe Espino PYQ

Firefighter OPEN POSITION 



C Shift:

Station 193:

Captain/Paramedic Abraham Figueroa (

Firefighter/EMT Michael Bocook

Firefighter Brian Marquez PYQ


Station 191:

Firefighter/EMT Jonny Leffelman

EMT Yoshimi Jackson PYQ

Apprentice Jon Arron Carbajal PYQ




Shift Volunteers:

Matt Rodriguez 







Water Tender Operators

AO Greg Chouinard

AO Jack "Ricky"Veal 

AO Donnie Davis

AO Dave Sturges 

AO Jeff Hodge

AO Shannon Scholfield