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Palominas Fire District

1 month 6 days ago

Keep calm and fire safety on. Today, A-shift firefighters Ron, Anthony, and Jack went to Palominas Elementary School to teach about fire safety. Students learned

Palominas Fire District is at .

2 months 1 week ago

These guys are smoked! Last weekend, several of our firefighters from A & B shifts completed a 110-story stairclimb in honor of the FDNY firefighters

Palominas Fire District is at .

2 months 2 weeks ago

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest! Recently, Firefighter Winkel and Firefighter Sanchez attended the Arizona Fire School, a weeklong training exercise in Phoenix.

Palominas Fire District is in Hereford, Arizona.

3 months 6 days ago

Today, Palominas Fire District donated retired fire hose to the Naco, AZ Fire District. Over 8100 feet of hose (approximately 1.5 miles) was donated! Palominas

Palominas Fire District is in Hereford, Arizona.

4 months 4 days ago

Firefighters from A-shift show off our new HME fire engine to a community member and future firefighter. Palominas firefighters are always happy to engage with


Congratulations to Tommy Stoner, Valerie Rice, & Robert Montgomery – our newly re-elected board members!
(Click image to view Fire Board)

Principles of Modern Fire Attack hosted by Palominas Fire District & Sonoita-Elgin Fire District


Cochise County Alerts
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Ready, Set, Go!
Ready, Set, Go! is a nationwide program adopted by the 15 Arizona Sheriffs that educates residents about proactive measures to take before an emergency and actions to follow when communities are threatened.AC




We are accepting applications for career and volunteer!

Come join our Team. We are accepting applications for the following positions:

Career Positions

  • Career Engineer-Paramedic or EMT
  • Career Firefighter-Paramedic or EMT

Recruit Firefighter-Paramedic

(Recruit Firefighter-Paramedics must hold a current AZ or NREMT Paramedic Certification. The Palominas Fire hosts a Firefighter I & II Academy internally at least once a year. The recruits in the Fire Academy receive a Firefighter I & II Certification through the Arizona Center for Fire Service Excellence upon completion.)

See Employment Page for more information on Volunteer Positions.

The Palominas Fire District provides young adults with the chance to earn money towards college, receive assistance through funding programs, and possibly earn a paying position while attending courses required to obtain a career position within the fire service. The Palominas Fire District hosts internal Emergency Medical Technician Courses, Arizona Firefighter I& II Academies, NWCG Wildland Courses, and TEEX Hazardous Materials courses. Personnel enrolled in these programs get the chance to be assigned to a career crew to work side by side career firefighters during assigned shifts. The personnel enrolled in these programs get the chance to earn valuable real world experience while going to school to earn their certifications for a future career in the fire service.

To Enroll, you must meet the following minimum qualifications:

  • Be at least 18 years of age with a valid High School Diploma or GED
  • Be able to pass a background check , drug screen, and OSHA respirator exam
  • Submit a finger print card for a DPS check
  • Have a valid Arizona Driver’s License

Applicants for all positions must complete the following:

Submit a completed application with resume & cover letter to the Administration Office

For Emergencies please dial 911