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"Rural, Responsive, & Proud"

Jon Buonaccorsi

Operations Chief

The Palominas Fire District currently operates three fire stations. We have two of these stations manned 24/7. PFD is a partner in the local Automatic Aid System with Sierra Vista Fire & Medical Services, Fry Fire District, Bisbee Fire, National Parks Service, and Fort Huachuca Fire Department. The Automatic Aid System is a regional effort to increase service delivery to the community by ensuring the closest most appropriate resources are dispatched to an emergency regardless of jurisdiction. The Palominas Fire District also participates in an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) with the City of Bisbee for Automatic Aid services as well as Ground Ambulance Transport services. The Palominas Fire District has transitioned from an all volunteer fire department into a career-combination department. We now operate 3 fire stations. Two of these fire stations are manned 24/7. The Palominas Fire District has on duty EMTs and Paramedics that are ready to respond to any needs the community may present. Palominas Fire personnel are trained in specialized areas such as technical rescue, hazardous materials response, WMD/terrorism response, and wildland fire operations. The Operations Division works hard to ensure we maintain strong partnerships with our local agencies. Palominas Fire District responds to a unique area that requires strong relationships with local County, State, Federal law enforcement and fire agencies.
Fire Suppression & Rescue
Palominas Fire District responds to all types of emergencies. We provide structural fire suppression and rescue services to the community. All personnel are trained to the NFPA standards regarding fire suppression and rescue qualification needs.
Special Operations
Palominas Fire District participates in Hazardous Materials Response as well as Technical Rescue Response. The Palominas Fire District also has a Wildland Fire Division that responds to local and out of area wildland fires when requested to do so through our agreement with the Arizona State Forestry Division.